Seend Parish Council

The Agenda


The Agenda for the next  Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 29th September 2020 will be displayed on all notice boards, and will appear on this page at least 3 working days before the meeting.



Please Note:  Because of the COVID19 Lockdown and the inability to hold a Parish Council meeting in public, the following agenda will be discussed by the Parish Councillors via a virtual meeting on 29th September at 7pm.   There will be limited attendance for members of the public wishing to listen into the meeting.     But they can submit written representation on any subject.  Anyone wishing to do so should contact the Clerk.


For the Meeting ID, please contact the clerk by email: [email protected] or by phone: 07706 850859



1       Apologies for absence  

2       Declaration of Lobbying

        (i)     Declaration of changes to the Register of Interests

        (ii)    Declaration of interest in items on the Agenda

        (iii)   Requests for Dispensation


3        Local Councillor’s Matters


4       Minutes of the Previous meetings held on 25th August 2020

5       Matters Arising not already on the agenda

6       Items for Discussion from Members of the Parish

7       Police Matters

8       Neighbourhood Plan

9       Highways  

          •  CATG – updates

          •  Resident’s Letter

10     Planning Matters

        Planning Updates

Application Ref: 20/06741/FUL and 20/07243/LBC

Site Location: The Bell, Seend SN12 6SA

Proposal: Alternations and subdivision to form 3 dwellings


Application Number: 20/07533/TCA

Site Location: Church Lane Corner High Street Seend

Proposal: T1 Spruce Tree – Fell


Application Ref: 20/07725/TCA

Site Location: Dial House, High Street, Seend, SN12 6NR

Proposal:-  Cherry Tree – Remove


Application Ref: 20/07550/FUL and 20/07937/LBC

Site Location: Hill Farm House, Seend Hill, SN12 6RU

Proposal: Demolish 1950s rear ground floor link, replace with new lean-to, repave courtyard and alter entrance drive.


11     Tree Matters

       •  Avon Needs Trees land purchase

       •  Dial Close Copse


12     Melksham Area Board - updates

13     Wiltshire Council Area Board Boundary Review

14     Correspondence

15     Policy Document

        •  Social Media Policy – to be adopted

        •  Complaints Policy – to be re-adopted

16     Financial Matters:  

       a.Cheques for Signatures

        Camelot Media Ltd     £56.00       NP Website updates

        Mrs S Bond                £619.21     Clerk Sept salary

        Mrs S Bond                £111.93     Clerk expenses July-Sept


       b.  Bank Reconciliation to end of August 2020

       c.  Precept Meeting – to set date.

17     Items for note

18     Date of next meeting


Please Note:

Items for Discussion from Members of the Parish must be submitted to the Clerk  7 days before the meeting date.  Any requests to speak on an agenda item must also be submitted to the Clerk 3 days in advance of the meeting, otherwise Parishioners are not allowed to take part in discussions on any agenda items,

unless specifically asked to do so by the Chairman.